Learn to Take Social Responsibility

We must be diligent and thirst for knowledge, focus on internalizing the knowledge and forming the opinions of our own; not only engage in our specialties and learn extensively, but also care about the nation, people and the world, and learn to take social responsibility...

I believe, the youth in contemporary China will be able to take the historical responsibility given by the Party and people, and finish a magnificent chapter for the times.

-- From Xi Jinping at Peking University Symposium on May 4, 2014

Promote Green Pevelopment

  • Troila invested over 25 million yuan to construct the facilities that save energy and reduce emission, such as ground source heat pumps, and electric power replacement system.
  • It also spent 1.8 million yuan to purchase the intelligent energy-saving equipment, such as air-conditioners, lighting equipment, and energy consumption testing system.
  • Tianjin Data Center invested 7.6 million yuan for energy saving and emission reduction retrofitting, as well as comprehensive treatment, purchasing relevant equipment and implementing relevant measures. 11 measures have been implemented. The design and construction of Tianjin Data Center have reached the highest level among data centers of the same type and area.
  • The nationally first deep-well ground source heat pump has been operated in the data center for one year.
  • The cold and heat storage device in the electric power replacement technique has been operated for one year, which has balanced the power grid distribution, and managed to reduce the annual emission by 575 tons of standard coal.
  • The high-pressure water mist fire-fighting devices in Fuzhou Data Center have greatly reduced pollution.Full completion of the tasks for pollution control assigned by the environmental protection authority, and all pollutants discharged under certain standard.
  • It annually saved the electric power of 7,360,000kwh and water of 8,000 tons, and the PUE value of the data center was controlled within 1.3.

Helping Personnel Training

  • 2,000,000 Yuan

    Donated 2,000,000 yuan to the Development Foundation of Hebei University of Technology to support young teachers in research and innovation.

  • 300,000 Yuan

    Provided 300,000 yuan for the talent pool of Hebei University of Technology.

Eliminate The Digital Divide

The company holds regular science popularization activities at its self-built Troila Cloud Technology Exhibition Hall. It provides immersive display for the citizens to experience the new techniques, which contributes to the construction of the "Intelligent Tianjin".

Practicing Social Welfare

  • 1,000,000 Yuan

    We have donated CN¥ 1 million for cooperation between the east and west on poverty alleviation.

  • 500,000 Yuan

    Donated 500,000 yuan to help needed students of Hebei University of Technology.

  • 100,000 Yuan

    Donated 100,000 yuan for children of needed families in the District.

  • 15,000 Yuan

    Donated 15,000 yuan for needed university students in Luqu, Gansu Province.

  • 611 Books

    146 Cards

    Held a book donation activity, collecting 611 books for teenagers in Xinjiang, and issued 146 "donation cards" to donors.

Interpretation Of Spiritual Civilization

  • During the National Games, Troila designated volunteers to help maintain the traffic order in the rush hour at main intersections.
  • Troila staff also helped to arrange the shared bikes aside Xiangtan Road and clean the community in the sub-district.
  • The company also organized the activity to clean garbage in streets and communities, and disseminated the idea of constructing a clean city.

In-depth Community Service

  • Troila comforted the needed Party members in 2018 and 2019.
  • It also visited the Old People's Home at Xianyang North Road to conform the aged there.
  • Troila organized a technology dissemination activity to popularize the new information technique. Dissemination pamphlets and cooling appliances were sent to the citizens in the activity as well.
  • There was also an activity organized by Troila to popularize the information of National Games. Dissemination pamphlets and cooling appliances were sent to the citizens in the activity as well.
  • Troila also organized the group vowing activity to memorize the glorious revolution history and carry forward the fine tradition.

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