Kunlun Cloud
Kunlun Cloud is a controllable cloud product developed by Troila Technology. Since its inception, the team has deployed full-stack products of cloud-based software to create professional cloud products such as Private Cloud, Hyper Convergence, Container Cloud, and Cloud Desktop.
Kunlun Cloud Series Products
  • Private Cloud
    Safe and controllable, efficient and intelligent
    Self-developed and controllable
    It is a domestic self-developed product, which is perfectly adapted to domestic processor chips and domestic operating systems.
    Safe and reliable
    Multi-dimensional data protection and security protection, the disaster recovery system ensures the data is always stable and reliable.
    Simple installation and deployment, simple operation and maintenance, simple operation, and simple and easy-to-use functional interface.
    Provide lifecycle management, platform operation, and intelligent monitoring and operation for intelligent cloud data resources.
  • HCI
    It integrates the software and hardware and can be used out-of-the-box
    Integrate computing, networking and storage components into a single device to achieve the software and hardware integrated delivery model, out of the box, and easy deployment.
    Use distributed storage and high-availability architecture to achieve no single point of failure and no single point of bottleneck, so as to ensure data reliability.
    Make deep integration and optimization of computing, networking and storage based on open source software. Achieve multiplier growth of performance and unified scheduling and management of resources.
    Simplified operation, intelligent management, friendly UI interface, and automatic fault handling mechanism make the user's operation simpler on the premise that the system is mature.
  • Container Cloud
    Efficient deployment and flexible expansion
    The agile development platform integrates continuous integration, continuous deployment, continuous testing, continuous delivery and other functions, the agile development platform can achieve one delivery and arbitrary deployment without concern for the underlying environment.
    High availability
    Platform - automatic horizontal scaling, dynamic lateral scaling and flexible scaling of container resources according to the amount of visits can ensure high availability of cluster and container resources.
    Support multiple network and storage schemes and it can support new or existing Kubernetes clusters.
    Easy-to-use management page, out of the box microservice governance and graphical application choreography tools.
  • Cloud Desktop
    Safe and controllable, centralized management
    Safe and controllable
    Multi-backup storage in data center, access protocol security encryption, supporting a variety of identity authentication; self developed and whole-process controllable, adaptable to domestic processor chips and operating systems.
    Low costs
    It has multidimensional data protection and security protection features and a disaster recovery system to ensure that data is always stable and reliable.
    Efficient operation
    Centralized operation and maintenance of the visual management platform, automatic deployment to shorten delivery cycle, and troubleshooting rate increased by 5-8 times in the unique monitoring platform.
    Mobile working
    Users can access their personal desktops anytime, anywhere, with their work no longer interrupted by the change of venue, so as to enjoy the ease and convenience of mobile working.
Kunlun Cloud · Research Strength
  • Global Strategic Partner
    Having signed the cooperation agreement with OpenStack Foundation, Kunlun Cloud officially becomes its global strategic partner. They will build a lab jointly to promote the ecological construction of global cloud computing.
  • Kunlun Cloud Lab
    Kunlun Cloud Lab is located in Troila Technology cloud computing data center at Fuzhou, Jiangxi. The lab is built according to national leading standards and mainly used for R&D and testing of Kunlun cloud products.
  • Qualifications and Awards
    CMMI5 Certification
    ISO Information Security Management System Certification (ISO27001)
    Trusted Cloud Authentication
    Domestic Ecological Compatibility Mutual Certification
    Information System Classified Protection of Ministry of Public Security
    IDC License
    Confidential Information System Integration
    IT Service Operation and Maintenance Standard Compliance (ITSS) Level 2
    CITIF Qualification
    Cloud Computing Open Source Industry Alliance Member
    Gold Member of OpenStack Open Source Cloud Community
    Warehousing Supplier of Army Purchasing Network
Application Scenarios of Kunlun Cloud
Having provided cloud computing services to dozens of government and enterprise users nationwide, Kunlun Cloud is committed to promoting the digital transformation and upgrading of government and enterprises. Its business covers key industries of national economy and social development such as government, enterprises, finance, education and medical care. Relying on its 10 years of technology accumulation, Troila Technology serves more than 20 industries and accumulates 1000+ solutions, and Kunlun Cloud can provide a variety of professional cloud services for government and enterprise users and public organizations. In the future, Troila Kunlun Cloud will continue to enhance its abilities in industry solutions and utilize advanced self-developed cloud infrastructure software products to create the core competitiveness of users in the intelligent era.

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