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TIANJIN TROILA INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "TROILA") is a domestic intelligent manufacturing, smart city and industry digital transformation system solutions provider. TROILA is listed on the Main Board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange under the stock code 600225, and is a listed software enterprise under the effective control of Tianjin SASAC and controlled by Jincheng Capital. Its headquarter is located in Hongqiao District, Tianjin. With the vision of " Keep Developing The Chinese Software And Serving The Global Customers ", TROILA is committed to becoming "A creator of technology value, An enabler of customer value, An achiever of employee value and A magnifier of shareholder value".

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18 branch and subsidiary| 12 offices| 6 data centers| 1000+employees| 20+serving industries| 118qualifications| 102awards and titles

Customer oriented, we are trying to act as a superior partner of information technology. With superior technology and services, we are trying to spread high-quality digital technology to everyone and every organization. We provide safe, reliable and stable basic cloud structure software and services, help the industry users choose the suitable technologies, and construct the complex business systems and software. Up to now, there had been over 500 governmental organizations, over 12,000 enterprises and more than 3,000 institutions choosing to cooperate with Troila in their digital transformation.

Led by innovation awareness, we never stop creating value for customers with leading technology. Troila, attaching great importance to technical innovation and application researches, invests over 7% of the annual revenue to the R&D. The continuous investment in R&D has been transferred into the power for us to provide innovative products and efficient services for customers. We respect and protect intellectual property, adhere to independent innovation and open cooperation and have many proprietary intellectual property rights. Up to now, we have acquired 39 invention patents, 241 software copyrights and 187 registered scientific and technological achievements, also published 115 high-level academic papers and 6 technological monographs.

Observing the industrial standards, we keep improving the professional proficiency and enhance business practice. There is a senior qualification system in the company, covering the whole business life cycle and wide areas, such as software, integration, confidentiality, security and IT service. Our qualifications includ E-level qualification for CMMI software competence and nmaturity model, A-level qualification for professional contracting of electronic and intelligent engineering, B-level qualification for information technology service, operation and maintenance compliance, reliable cloud service certification, and national telecom added-value service license.

Also, we observe laws and regulations, abide by business ethics, actively assume social responsibilities, and contribute to the social and economic development. By making contributions to the standard organizations, industrial alliances and open source communities, we aim to facilitate the industry development, enlarge the industry space, and promote the technology progress. In various organizations, Troila has held more than 20 key positions. Our goals are to narrow the digital gap, promote digital inclusion, continue to increase industry layout and investment, improve the infrastructure in the business area, enable digitization, accelerate industrial development, increase employment opportunities, generate fiscal revenue, and improve people's livelihood and well-being.

Besides, we provide a broad stage for the cheerful strivers. To give full play to the talents of employees, a development platform has been established to create opportunities for them to communicate with the world, so that a large number of young people could take on responsibilities and grow rapidly. Cooperation with universities and research institutes is also what we are engaging to promote knowledge transfer, strengthen the technology training and talent cultivation, and provide good schools for the employees. In the company, each employee is evaluated according to their contributions. Through their efforts, 1000 employees have acquired reasonable rewards and nice experience.

Under the leading of the Party, the organizational advantage of Party has been transferred into the development advantage of Troila, the organizational activity into the developing force, and the organizational resource into the development resource. Xi Jinping's thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era is taken as the guideline of our innovation. Having received the visits of Li Keqiang, Zhang Dejiang, Yu Zhengsheng, Li Changchun, and other Party and national leaders, we are encouraged to provide more quality IT services for the industry, and contribute our power to the national industrial software industry.

Troila has been adhering to the digitization and chasing for the superiority; oriented by customers and delivering value; led by innovation and rising based on the accumulated strength; hard-working and plain-living in a steady manner as a practical, realistic, positive and cheerful company. Troila will move forward with indomitable will, keep developing the Chinese software and serving the global customers, and improve the work of humans and robots.

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